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Knox Box

When Seconds Matter

Information obtained from the Knox Box Website

For over 40 Years, Knox has led the industry in providing secure and safe access for first responders. With Knox Rapid Access Solutions, there's no more forced entries or waiting for property owners to unlock doors in the middle of the night.

How Knox Solutions Work


It starts with the Knox Master Key.




Using one key, Knox Rapid Access Solutions minimize barriers to entry for first responders during an emergency.












The Knox Master Key enables immediate entry to secured perimeters, gates, buildings, and commercial properties. Knox Rapid Access Solutions can be customized to fit your needs.


Discover where Knox products provide access into secured areas.

Knox works with over 14,000 public agencies in providing solutions to enable emergency rapid access when only seconds count. 

  1. RAPID ACCESS Eliminate barriers and allow first responders to quickly gain access to secured properties when time matters most.

  2. PROTECTION Protect property, inventory, and thousands of dollars in investments from fire and water damage by providing rapid emergency access to first responders.

  3. COST Eliminate costly repair from forced entry with Knox one-time, low cost investment.

  4. LOW MAINTENANCE All products are Built Knox-Rugged to require little maintenance and retain their operational integrity even under extreme weather conditions.

  5. SECURITY Only your local fire department has the authority to access your Knox products.

Knox Residential Box

Hold Up to 2 Keys and Alarm Tamper Alert


Knox HomeBox

Holds 1 Key


KnoxVault™ 4400 Series

Maximum capacity

Holds up to 50 keys, access cards or entry items

KnoxBox™ 3200 Series

Standard capacity

Holds up to 10 keys, access cards or entry items

How To Get Started

  • Register for Knox Rapid Access Program at no cost

  • Appoint a Knox Program Coordinator in your department

  • Receive complimentary program support materials

  • Educate local community on system value and benefits

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